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Some Of The Home Health Care Services You Might Receive Include Medical Social Work

Aug 16

Whether you're recovering from surgery, dealing with a chronic health condition or needing help with daily tasks, home health care may be a good choice for you. It's generally less expensive than staying in a nursing home and is more flexible, as caregivers come to you on an as-needed basis.

Northeast Ohio Home Health Care can also be a great option for seniors who don't want to move out of their homes but need assistance with daily activities like cooking, cleaning and bathing. Caregivers can also assist with getting out and about, going to appointments and attending family or religious events. However, it's not suitable for those who need around-the-clock care and monitoring, as this would be better suited to a hospital stay.

The Medicare home health benefit pays for medical services in your own home if your doctor certifies that you are homebound and need intermittent skilled nursing or therapy services. These services must be ordered by your doctor and provided by a Medicare-approved home health agency. In addition, many private insurance plans and long-term care insurance policies cover the cost of home health care.

Some of the home health care services you might receive include medical social work, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology and a range of other healthcare treatments. You'll often have one nurse and a physical or occupational therapist visit you at home, although other healthcare professionals might also make visits, depending on your needs.

Your home health care team will teach you how to manage your illness at home and help you develop a plan of care that includes your specific goals. They'll check your progress regularly and communicate with your doctor or allowed practitioner. They'll also check that you're eating and drinking enough, taking your medications as prescribed, keeping proper skin care, managing pain and preventing infections, and living safely at home.

When choosing a home health care agency, ask friends and neighbors for recommendations. Then, call the agencies for references and check them out. The best home health care workers are dependable, organized and responsible. They must be trustworthy and able to interact with patients and families in a sensitive, respectful manner. They must be able to follow instructions and keep accurate records. It's also important that they understand and respect a patient's right to privacy and their ability to practice customs and traditions that are important to them.

Because home health aides work in a very personal environment, they must be compassionate, caring and understanding. They must be willing to get to know their patients and families in a very special way and help them meet their health care and daily living needs. In addition to being able to provide quality home health care, they should be knowledgeable and up-to-date on Medicare rules and regulations regarding billing. This includes knowing how to properly submit your claims. Medicare requires home health aides to give you a written notice of any services they recommend that aren't covered by Medicare.